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When we talk about Portixol and Molinar, we can’t help getting excited, because we’ve grown up in these neighbourhoods and we’ve seen them transform over the last years.

This former fishermen’s quarter still keeps its unique charm. Washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, El Molinar and Portixol have become privileged areas where you can enjoy a different sunset each day.

Within a few years, they have turned into the most desired living areas for the residents of Palma de Mallorca and the foreign visitors.

And it’s no wonder. The location of El Molinar and Portixol is truly privileged, only 2 minutes by car from the centre of Palma de Mallorca.


Portixol Beach


El Molinar seafront promenade

Furthermore, its greatest attraction is its seafront promenade along the entire coast of Palma, from Porto Pi until Llucmajor. You can practice sports in the heat of the Balearic sun, enjoy yourself in the city’s most cosmopolitan establishments or even go for a swim at one of the picturesque beaches.

To us, Portixol and Molinar are more than a pretty and magical neighbourhood. They are part of our identity and our lifestyle. We’d be delighted to introduce them to you and have you be a part of them.


Palmer Premium Team

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