Real Estate Agency in El Molinar: invest in a peaceful life by the sea

Real Estate Agency in El Molinar: invest in a peaceful life by the sea

Why do so many people contact with a Real Estate Agency in El Molinar with a view to acquiring a property in this quiet and peaceful area of Palma? There are many different reasons but one of the most important is its proximity to the sea. However, the other reasons are no less important: we are going to show you them in this article.

El Molinar, a traditional area with a strong maritime personality

El Molinar began to be populated when flour mills were installed there in the 19th century; hence the name by which it is known now. There were also a lot of fishermen’s cottages there which gave the area its maritime aspect still visible nowadays, although on a lesser scale than before.

From that time on, the development of El Molinar has been on a par with that of Palma de Mallorca and people arrived to live there from the Mainland in the second half of the last century. The area gradually merged with the rest of the city and is currently considered as being extremely well positioned with a wide range of services available and proximity to the key places in Palma while at the same time maintaining a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

With the arrival of tourism on a large scale, El Molinar has become a highly sought after area for foreigners, especially Europeans who use the services of a Real Estate Agency in El Molinar to acquire a property in Palma de Mallorca.

Real Estate Agency in El Molinar: the attractions of this area of Palma de Mallorca

It is virtually impossible to enumerate the many charms of El Molinar without starting with the sea. It is the principal attraction of the area: the gentle breeze, the wonderful views and the relaxing seafront walk are what people look for here in El Molinar.

There is nothing more relaxing than wandering along the bike lane beside the sea in El Molinar. In fact, many Mallorcans come here either with their families or with friends – or alone – and do all sorts of activities: from strolling and chatting, to running, cycling and doing yoga, among many other things.

Additionally, El Molinar has its own small beach which is well worth visiting. Scarcely two kilometres long and 100 metres wide, it is visited by many local residents who like to spend time here. There are many bars and restaurants to make this time perfect and which are very close at hand.


An area with very good connections and a wide range of leisure activities

As we have already mentioned, El Molinar is a very popular area for Mallorcans to spend time. Leisure activities are an important factor: there are restaurants, cafeterias, even pubs, where you can have a drink while at a concert. Some of these venues are the most popular in the city.

Moreover this area is, as previously mentioned, very well connected. It does not take very long to walk to the Avenidas in Palma and four bus routes take you to other parts of the city. Bus 15 goes from Playa de Palma to Plaza de la Reina, bus 18 Calle Manacor to Son Riera, number 28 Son Llatzer Circular and number 30 Plaza de España to San Juan de Dios.

Your Real Estate Agency in El Molinar: Palmer Premium can help you

If you are considering buying an apartment in this area, Palmer Premium is your Real Estate Agency in El Molinar. We have an extensive catalogue of exclusive properties in El Molinar which are at your disposal and your convenience. All you need to do is contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

If what you require is further information on the attractions of this extraordinary city, we recommend that you take a look at our article about the advantages of buying an apartment in Palma de Mallorca.


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